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Deepening our comfort
with uncomfortable topics to work toward
equity and social justice

Hello, I’m Dr. Anu. I’m an award-winning speaker, facilitator, consultant, author and educator specializing in issues of racial equity and social change. I believe in dialogue, and in pushing the conversation--without pushing folks away. 

All of us want to feel a deep sense of belonging and worthiness.


As founder and director of Dr. Anu Consulting, I invite people to grapple with the challenges of history and navigate our present with curiosity, honesty and a commitment to social justice. I am comfortable with discomfort, and hold space for complexity from a mindful and holistic framework.


As an educator, I’ve taught more than 6,000 students over the past 30 years, helping to foster and advance the transformative power of awareness and empathy. As a consultant, I've worked with over 300 clients, and facilitated 1000half-and-full day workshops across private, nonprofit, education and public sectors. As a public speaker, I've delivered graduation speeches and commencement addresses, keynotes, and presentations at over 250 libraries, literary festivals, conferences, colleges and community events around the world.


As a consultant and facilitator, I partner with clients to ensure that our work strategically addresses the underlying issues beyond the “check the box” approach. In all my work, I strive to create compassionate spaces for individuals to feel heard, plugged in, and invested.


My latest book, Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World, was named as a Washington State Book Award Finalist, one of Fodor’s Travels "13 Books to Inspire Your Travels," and selected as one of Oprah Magazine's "26 Best Travel Books."  Buy the book here. 

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