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Pictured: Dr. Anu facilitating a study abroad class in India (left) and Dr. Anu as a 2015 speaker for Humanities Washington 

Do you crave more regular conversations about diversity and equity with your staff, colleagues, or board members and would like support? Would you like more tangible skills to be able to navigate tricky topics or conflicts with sensitivity, fortitude, and resilience?


"I learned so much watching you today and deeply appreciate the skill and wisdom you brought into the space. It does feel like just the beginning, but I’m glad — even if it will be hard — we’ve begun together. What you modeled in our town hall, I believe, will have a lasting impact in the conversations ahead. Thank you. I look forward to continuing to listen, learn, and strive humbly for changes in our department."

UW Department of Dance Town Hall 

“You handled the conversation yesterday so much grace, strength, clarity and dignity. I was in awe throughout the event. All this in a room with 200 people and so many issues at play. You modeled the importance of holding steady in the midst of the storm.”


UW School of Public Health Town Hall participant