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Pictured: Dr. Anu facilitating in India (left) and Dr. Anu presenting for Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau 

Do you crave more regular conversations about race, equity and diversity with your staff, colleagues, or board members? Would you like compassionate support to build your awareness and skills? Let's partner together so more of us are able to navigate sensitive topics and conflicts with integrity, fortitude, and resilience.


"I learned so much watching you today and deeply appreciate the skill and wisdom you brought into the space. It does feel like just the beginning, but I’m glad — even if it will be hard — we’ve begun together. What you modeled in our town hall, I believe, will have a lasting impact in the conversations ahead. Thank you. I look forward to continuing to listen, learn, and strive humbly for changes in our department."


UW Department of Dance Town Hall 

Dr. Taranath lead this controversial topic with grace. She answered difficult questions in a calm demeanor and was cheerful and curious. She leads change from her heart and encourages unity while simultaneously highlighting difficult differences. Dr. Anu was inspiring and I am grateful to have met her and been exposed to the gifts she shared with us.”


—South Sound Senior Center, Olympia, WA.

"I appreciated Dr. Anu's calm and fluid ease for moderating and facilitating the discussion. I felt energized by her words and how many people showed up with vulnerability."

—King County Gathering on Black Lives Matter

"I really liked the format. Unlike so many other online trainings and webinars this felt like we were all around a big table having a coffee and pondering our thoughts/emotions. It was a comfortable space, and everyone who participated seemed to really need this space."


—King County Gathering on Black Lives Matter

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