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Consulting & Services

Dr. Anu facilitating in India on the left, and presenting for Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau on the right.

As a consultant and facilitator, I invite people to grapple with the challenges of history and navigate our present with curiosity, honesty and openheartedness.



Each organization and community carries its own history, context, and efforts connected to diversity and equity. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. That is why as a consultant, educator and facilitator I partner with each client to create customized engagements grounded in expertise and compassion.

In my 20+ years of consulting work, I have partnered with more than 300 organizations, businesses, groups and institutions across the US and internationally, and across many sectors:

city & county public agencies              nonprofits

firms & businesses                                global health

civic organizations                                design, architecture, engineering firms

development sector                              travel industry

higher education                                    international education

medical residency programs               public and private K-12 schools


Consulting Offerings

  • Keynotes

  • Conference Presentations

  • Race, Equity, and Diversity Consulting

  • Process Facilitation on Workplace & Organizational Culture

  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

  • Racial Affinity and Caucus Groups Facilitation

  • Staff and Board Development

  • One-on-one Leadership Team Coaching and Support

  • Faculty and Teacher Professional Development​

  • Book Discussions and Readings for Beyond Guilt Trips:                   Mindful Travel in an Unequal World


Global Work

One of my specialities is connecting US-based racial equity, DEI and intersectional insights with broader Global North/Global South dynamics. As a consultant located at the nexus of US racial equity work and global inequality, I partner with global philanthropy and global health orgs, the travel industry and international education programs to provide the following:


  • Accompany groups of travelers (donors, foundation program staff, faculty, students, alumni etc.) to facilitate dialogue and deepen the travel experience around issues of race, difference and collaborating across inequities

  • On-site program evaluation, curriculum design, and staff capacity building with an eye toward ethical travel, social justice, mindful collaboration and long term impact

  • Facilitate more honest and culturally-sensitive dialogues between US/Western grant-making agencies, nonprofits and educational institutions and their Global South colleagues.


Please reach out. All my trainings, workshops, and consultations are highly tailored to my clients. Let's create a plan, together.



"That was an incredibly powerful session. Dr Anu is an expert facilitator and it was clear that she met us all where we were at, somehow making space to resonate with the 200+ people that joined. I saw multiple people (myself included) moved to tears at various points during the session. Participating in this civil rights movement in the midst of a time when we've collectively never felt more lonely or isolated due to COVID made this session especially meaningful to me. ... Please pass along my gratitude and compliments to Dr. Anu directly. Thank you so, so much for putting this session together! I'm so glad I came!"

— Box, Inc. Town Hall on Race & Racism

"I learned so much watching you today and deeply appreciate the skill and wisdom you brought into the space. It does feel like just the beginning, but I’m glad — even if it will be hard — we’ve begun together. What you modeled in our town hall, I believe, will have a lasting impact in the conversations ahead. Thank you. I look forward to continuing to listen, learn, and strive humbly for changes in our department."


Univ Washington Dept of Dance Town Hall 

Dr. Taranath lead this controversial topic with grace. She answered difficult questions in a calm demeanor and was cheerful and curious. She leads change from her heart and encourages unity while simultaneously highlighting difficult differences. Dr. Anu was inspiring and I am grateful to have met her and been exposed to the gifts she shared with us.”


—South Sound Senior Center, Olympia, WA.

"I appreciated Dr. Anu's calm and fluid ease for moderating and facilitating the discussion. I felt energized by her words and how many people showed up with vulnerability."

—King County Gathering on Black Lives Matter

"I really liked the format. Unlike so many other online trainings and webinars, this felt like we were all around a big table having a coffee and pondering our thoughts/emotions. It was a comfortable space, and everyone who participated seemed to really need this space."


—King County Gathering on Black Lives Matter

"I want to say how much of a gift it was to have you join us. On a personal note, I found myself feeling how much more curiosity and compassion I could access when we slowed down. Thank you for modeling so effectively what you were teaching, and for bringing such a spacious presence."

— Dean, The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

"She put words to some of the tricky dynamics that happen in the classroom and provided models for how to potentially navigate and recognize those. It was so practical and helpful!"

"Honestly, Anu's modeling of non-defensive conversation--it gave me a vision of how I might be that way with others. The discussion about impact vs. intention was so helpful. Her examples on engaging in topics of race and justice in ways that matches the future you hope to see where everyone has a place of belonging--this was really helpful in moving us away from shaming people who aren't "woke" enough to using what is in front of you to move the conversation forward."

— Faculty workshop comments

"I love the way you always show up fearlessly and fully present as a whole person, cutting edge intellect & joyful personality!"

-- Consultant and Colleague 

"I have learned much from your gracious, warm, and inclusive approach to tough topics.  Thank you for being a part of our organization's journey – with our board, our class, our staff, and with me!  You’ve had a big impact on so many people."


--Executive Director of a community leadership org

Dr. Anu facilitating a 300 person Town Hall on Public Health and Racism, 

University of Washington


Dr. Anu delivering the Keynote Presentation at

Putney Student Travel Leader Orientation

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