Pictured: Dr. Anu with Cheerful Hearts Foundation friends and colleagues in Accra, Ghana

As a consultant and facilitator, I invite people to grapple with the challenges of history and navigate our present with curiosity, honesty and openheartedness.

Here is a sampling of clients with whom I have worked:



“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk the other evening at Edmonds Community College. You bring a lovely warmth to your presentation, and it was so inspiring to hear some of the comments you elicited from the audience.”


— Humanities Washington participant

“Working with Anu was fantastic and exceeded expectations. Her combination of warmth, wisdom, curiosity and steady presence created a space for intentional listening and meaningful communication.” 


— Director, Philanthropy & Community Engagement, Macklemore LLC

“Wow, I loved your workshop. You are an amazing facilitator and the workshop content, together with your collaborative and participatory style, was a great role modeling tool for me to see. Thank you!”


— Seattle Pacific University faculty

“You handled the conversation yesterday so much grace, strength, clarity and dignity. I was in awe throughout the event. All this in a room with 200 people and so many issues at play. You model the importance of holding steady in the midst of the storm.”


—UW School of Public Health Town Hall

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