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A.T. Consulting: Dialogues for Justice invites participants to develop critical capacity and deepen conversation on issues of difference, diversity, and social justice. By providing a range of services—including workshop facilitation, professional development, curriculum revisioning, consultation, public speaking and keynoting— A.T. Consulting generates positive engagement on racial, cultural and gender equity.

Sample Workshops and Trainings

Race, Gender, and other Tough Topics (or How to Get People More Comfy Talking about Uncomfy Topics)

Leading a productive discussion on race, gender, culture, sexuality, or religion is not always about having the correct answer. Rather, one of the tricks to facilitating dialogues on topics that make people cringe with discomfort is working through the actual discomfort itself. Join us for a frank look at what makes us uncomfortable. Let’s tango with the big elephant in the room, and get comfy talking about uncomfy topics. This workshop aims to 1) deepen our facilitation skills about “sensitive” topics, and 2) build capacity in participants to create spaces filled with meaningful dialogue and attentive listeneding.

A Treasury of Skills: Facilitation Techniques to Inspire Collaboration and Change

Good facilitators serve as guides by paying close attention to participants, leading their group forward with openness, vision and accountability. Facilitation skills encompass a range of small details—such as how our chairs are arranged and what we look at—as well as big thematic issues of cultural climate and diversity. Let’s work on the small and big ideas associated with facilitation and build our skills together. This workshop will model and share facilitation techniques that will help you become a better facilitator and educator for social justice.

Inclusive Teaching: What It Is, Why It’s Great for Everyone, and How You Can Use It In Your Own Trainings

Good training or teaching means we do not exclude participants--accidentally or intentionally-- from opportunities to learn. It also means recognizing, accommodating and meeting the learning needs of all students. This workshop: 1) describes inclusive teaching in relation to social differences and diversity, 2) focuses on the barriers and challenges to inclusive teaching, 3) introduces participants to the social theory behind inclusivity, and 4) builds skills and capacity by providing strategies, practical advice, and opportunities to practice creating inclusive teaching environments

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Anu Taranath is a flexible and versatile speaker, and offers:
  • engaging presentations on social, global, and literary themes with a social justice approach
  • interactive sessions designed to encourage critical thinking and conversation programs that aim to work with mission statements, curriculum or instructional learning goals
  • a range of programs including public lectures, classroom visits, and small group workshops.
AT has been a part of the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau,  where she has offered a wide variety of talks.

From 2010-2012, AT offered the program: “Global Literature: Why Learning About ‘Over There” Matters to ‘Over Here.’”


For the 2012-2014 season, she offered: “The World in Washington: Literature and our Lives,” a program which highlights literary works by Washington state authors of color to create dialogue about culture, race, and the other identities we hold dear in our demographically-changing state.


Hear AT speak about identity, literature, race and culture in a recently recorded interview.


Read about AT’s philosophy on the role and value of literature.

Past Events

Literary Festivals:

  • Mid-Colombia Literary Festival in Pasco 

  • GetLit! 14th Annual Literary Festival, Spokane

  • School of Athens Literary Festival, Port Townsend

Public Libraries:

  • Anacortes Public Library

  • Shoreline Public Library

  • Bellevue Public Library

  • Newport Way Public Library

  • Kitsap Regional Library, Bainbridge Island

Retirement Communities:

  • Mirabella Retirement Community, Seattle

  • Panorama Retirement Center, Lacey

  • Fairwinds Retirement Community, Redmond

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